The Film Joiner is very handy, it measures only 105 x 55 x 55
  millimeters and requires very little space on the splicing table.
  Laquered and bare metal parts are not affected by film cement
  solvents. The Hammann – Film Joiner aligns the film in the
  perforations. This is achieved with precision register pins,
  which also align film material which has been altered through age
  or use. A channel machined into the baseplate prevents the film
  from being stained. Excess cement is drained away.

The Film Joiner is opened with a push of the lock button. It does not shift to either side. At the same time, the baseplate lifts the film vertically off the register pins. There is no torsion or pull on the fresh splice.

The baseplate can be changed without tools and are available for these formats:
35mm Reversal / 35mm Negative / 16mm / Super 8 / 2 x Super 8 ( DS 410 ) / 9,5mm

The Film Joiner: KP 16 / 96