The finished splice is only approx. 3/100th of a millimeter thicker than the film.
It is invisible and inaudible in projection. When transferred to video tape, print film or reversal material, wet-copying is recommended.

Shape A:

The asymmetrical splice. The cut starts in the center between two frames.
Length of the cut is 1,05 millimeters.
All films intended for projection or vtr should be spliced according to this standart.

Shape B:

The symmetrical splice.
The wedge centers the bar.
Length of the cut is 0,85 millimeters.

The Hammann – Cleaver is originally manufactured according to shape „A“.
To achive maximum precision, it is user-adjustable to compensate for tolerances.

The Brass-screw enables to re adjust overlapping:
Rotation counter-clockwise produces more,
rotation clockwise produces less overlap.